2023-2024 GSOC Volunteer Agreement
Thank you for your interest in becoming a Girl Scout volunteer!
Girl Scouts of Orange County (GSOC) volunteers are required to submit a Volunteer Agreement annually. Please read the volunteer terms and conditions listed below and indicate that you agree by checking the box next to each statement. This must be completed prior to meeting with girls, handling funds and/or starting your volunteer role. This electronic agreement will become part of your GSOC electronic membership record.

Prior to submitting this form, you should do the following:
1. Complete your member registration.
2. Choose your volunteer role under your MyGS Member Profile for the appropriate Girl Scout Membership Year (If you cannot find the role to choose by searching under your troop or Service Unit number, please email Customer Care and ask them to add you to the role);
3. Read GSOC Policy & Standards and any related
Safety Activity Checkpoints related to your volunteer position(s) duties;
4. Indicate all of your volunteer roles by checking each box pertaining to each role below.
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  • Volunteer Terms & Conditions

  • I agree
    I agree to demonstrate a commitment to the mission, goals, guidelines, policies and standards of GSUSA and GSOC.
    I agree to be a positive role model to girls and adults while acting with integrity and adhering to the Girl Scouts Promise and Law.
    I agree to read and follow all safety guidelines outlined in the Safety Activity Checkpoints.
    I have read my volunteer position description, available on the GSOC website and in the description when I chose my role under MyGS and agree to carry out my responsibilities as described.
    I agree to complete all position-related training as required for my position.
    I agree to fulfill the described duties with no monetary compensation.
    I agree to support and promote Council Product Sales and Fund Development activities in all aspects.
    I agree to maintain and protect all information received or obtained from GSOC or GSUSA, including any and all confidential and proprietary information, intellectual property, and trade secrets owned by GSOC or GSUSA.
    I agree to maintain and protect all information and data on members, donors , customers, leads, staff and partners.
    I agree to maintain and protect all financial data, training materials, sensitive business information and planning/marketing strategies.
    I agree to maintain and protect all intellectual property including trademarks/service marks, and copyrighted materials.
    I agree to maintain and protect all data on or proprietary information from vendors, contractors and others who provide products and services to GSOC or GSUSA.
    I agree to keep all information provided in connection with volunteer duties in the strictest confidence, maintain its value and integrity, and neither use or disclose it to anyone including another volunteer without permission of GSOC.
    Without prior consent, I agree not to disclose to any person or entity the substance or import of information received from GSOC or GSUSA,.
    I will not use any information received or obtained from GSOC or GSUSA to access or obtain additional information outside purpose of my role or my specific position description for my role.
    I will not use any intellectual property outside the requirements outlined in GSOC's Policies and Standards and Marketing Support Guidelines as updated.
    I acknowledge that if for any reason I am unable, unwilling or unsuitable to perform any of my responsibilities, I may be asked to resign my position. GSOC has sole discretion in making volunteer appointments.
    I acknowledge that smoking or using foul language while in the presence of girls is not allowed. (GSUSA Safety Activity Checkpoints)
    I will not consume or be under the influence of alcohol, marijuana, illegal or prescription drugs such as opioids, etc. at any Girl Scout meeting, activity or camp designed for the participation of girls.
    I certify under penalty of perjury, I have not been convicted of a criminal offense, motor vehicle violations or other laws or statutes related to children or handling of funds.
    I agree to self-disclose, if at any time, I engage in conduct which leads to my arrest or conviction that would call into question my capacity to be entrusted with the supervision, guidance and care of children, including living with a sex offender.
    I understand that engaging in criminal behaviors, such as illegal drugs, etc. or failure to self-disclose, may be grounds for release from the volunteer program.
  • GSOC will not knowingly accept voluntary services from a convicted sex offender who is required to be registered pursuant to California Penal Code Section 290. Volunteers are required to disclose to GSOC if they are living with a sex offender or have regular personal contact with a convicted sex offender, as well as the nature and the extent of such relationships or contacts. Volunteers who violate this procedure will be barred from any further participation in Girl Scout activities, and it is GSOC's intent to actively pursue termination of such volunteer's services and possible criminal prosecution.