Congratulations on starting your TAVALA TRANSFORMATION! Just take a few moments to complete this form for a chance to be entered to win incredible prizes - including a cruise for two! This page is for your BEFORE submission
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  • Must be a .pdf, .png, .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, or .tif file. To be considered for publication in the TAVALA Before and After Gallery, both photos must be taken in the same light, from the same angle and distance, with the same camera. Additionally, the individual must feature the same makeup and/or skin tone in both photos. Photos must contain only one individual. If two or more individuals are contained in the photos, each individual must complete a separate submission form.
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    The challenge begins on January 31st, 2018 and ends September 4th, 2018. There are three, 12-week periods to help you achieve your goals. Customers or Members can choose to participate in any of the three challenges (see official rules).

    Challenge Period 1: January 31st - April 24th

    Challenge Period 2: March 28th - June 19th

    Challenge Period 3: June 13th - September 4th

    At the end of each challenge period, all entries will be reviewed. During the applicable selection period, winners will be chosen by calculations of:

    Total Body Transformation Photos (50%): The overall transformation of each participant's appearance, judged by the Contest Sponsor both from the original "before" and "after" photographs as well as the current photograph of the participant.

    Experience Journal (30%): This is a written journal experience turned in with final pictures. It should include products used, lifestyle changes and improvements.

    Weight Loss (20%): The total amount of weight loss by each participant.

    I am the subject of the photos and have the right to distribute these photos to TAVALA. The decision to share these photos with TAVALA is one that I have made willfully without coercion or external force. I acknowledge submission and/or the use of these photos by TAVALA does not entitle me to any compensation of any kind. I am submitting these photos free of charge to TAVALA. I acknowledge TAVALA has the sole discretion to determine if it will use my photos. I have no cause of action or right to compensation if TAVALA does not use my photos. I affirm the photos submitted are in the original form and have not been edited or otherwise altered to enhance my appearance or to accentuate any particular result. I declare the differences demonstrated in my photos are results I achieved with a healthy diet, regular exercise, and the incorporation of TAVALA products into my lifestyle. I confirm the photo dates indicated above are the dates on which the photos were taken.

    I provide TAVALA with the explicit rights to use these photos(s) in the context of a product or experience testimonial. I agree TAVALA may display the photos online, in print, or in live events. In order to revoke these rights, I agree I must provide TAVALA with a written request for removal. I understand upon receipt of my written request for removal, TAVALA has 90 days to remove my photos from online materials and cease use of my photo(s) in any future printed materials.