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Carb Burn a nutritional supplement uses three ingredients to support healthy carbohydrate metabolism. It also helps control blood sugar.

Carb Burn, priced at $59 per bottle is a combination of chromium and GlucoVantage as well as cinnamon bark extract. This product is on sale for a steeply discounted price. Three bottles are only $27 each, which is 80% less than the list price.

According to Beyond 40, Carb Burn can support glycemic control, and help lower blood sugar levels by taking it daily. This supplement provides antioxidant protection, gut health support, and a variety of other benefits.

What is Carb Burn?
Carb Burn is a combination of ingredients that helps improve metabolism. It reduces blood sugar spikes and manages insulin, which in turn gives you better control over your blood sugar. Beyond 40 states that Carb Burn can improve glycemic control and support healthy blood sugar levels. It also promotes efficient carbohydrate use for energy.

Your blood sugar can rise quickly after eating a carb-heavy dinner. High blood sugar can lead to energy fluctuations. High blood sugar can also cause mood swings, fatigue and nausea. Uncontrolled high blood sugar levels can lead to Type 2 diabetes if left uncontrolled.

Carbohydrates are essential for healthy body functions. Your body needs carbs to provide energy. Your body should consume as much carbs as it burns, so that your body is in an ideal state of balance. Your body actually stores excess carbs as a fat and saves them for later. Carb Burn is a carb management method that increases the body's ability use carbs to produce energy and reduces fat storage. This keeps you energized throughout the day while also preventing future fat formation.

Carb management is important, regardless of whether you are diabetic or not. Carb Burn is primarily targeted at diabetics but the formula can be used by anyone to support energy and blood sugar.

Carb Burn Benefits
Beyond 40 states that Carb Burn can provide all the following benefits.

Healthy metabolism
Manage blood sugar levels
Contribute to improving the glycemic equilibrium
Promoting healthy aging
Supports gut health, mitochondria health, and function
It allows your body to use stored fat all day for an energy boost.
Carb Burn Ingredients
Carb Burn has three ingredients that help support blood sugar in different ways.

Chromium 200mcg: Chromium, an essential mineral for many diabetes and blood sugar products, is a vital element. Numerous doctors recommend that people suffering from diabetes take chromium supplementation. Research has shown that chromium helps in healthy carbohydrate metabolism. Carb Burn uses a particular type of chromium, Chromax, which has been proven to support healthy insulin responses.
GlucoVantage 200mg: GlucoVantage supports healthy carbohydrates management, improves glucose control, and decreases glycemic variability. NHB Nutrition has developed a proprietary formula. GlucoVantage is a concentrated form of berberine (a plant extract). Berberine is a traditional medicine that balances blood sugar and provides energy. Berberine is used in many diabetes support and blood sugar supplements today for similar benefits.
Cinnamon Bark extract (100mg). Each two-caplet serving of Carb Burn includes 100mg of cinnamon bark. Beyond 40 reports that cinnamon bark extract reduces blood sugar levels and improves glycemic control. These are just a few of the reasons why many blood sugar support and diabetes supplements use cinnamon bark extract.
What is Carb Burn?
Carb Burn also contains Chromax, a special type of chromium. Chromium is an established mineral that has been supported by thousands upon thousands of human trials. Over 35 clinical studies have also supported Chromax.

Beyond 40 states that the Chromax Carb Burn can support:

Insulin resistance and glucose metabolism
Weight management and appetite control
Health of the heart and lipids (cholesterol).
Brain health
Beyond 40 says that Chromax was specifically designed to maximize absorption. Chromax is a chromium version with a superior chemical structure and greater absorption. This means that more active ingredient will end up in your bloodstream.

What does Cinnamon do in Carb Burn?
Carb Burn's third ingredient, Cinnamomum Cassia, is cinnamon. Cinnamon extract has been used over the centuries to balance blood sugar, support energy, and is the reason why so many of today's most loved diabetes supplements include cinnamon.

Beyond 40 cites multiple studies proving cinnamon works. These are just a few of the claims made by Carb Burn on its sales page.

The remarkable effects of cinnamon bark on blood sugar and carbohydrate tolerance have been demonstrated.
Researchers found that cinnamon bark extract was able to increase the body's ability metabolize and process carbohydrate in a study.
Researchers also found that high-concentrations of cinnamon extract could reduce blood sugar levels by as much as 51% following a meal.
These results show that Beyond 40 claims cinnamon extract is effective in diabetes prevention and fat storage reduction, as well as other benefits.
Carb Burn: How to Use It
Carb Burn is recommended by Beyond 40 before you eat any meal, high-carb or lower-carb.

How much weight can you lose?
Carb Burn is advertised as a weight loss aid. Beyond 40 claims that you can lose weight by using the Carb Burn formula.

Carb Burn has more than 40 claims. It helps you control blood sugar, redirect carbs into muscle tissue, and stops the formation of fat cells. This allows you to tackle weight loss from many angles.

According to Beyond 40, you could lose different amounts of weight depending upon how many bottles are purchased.

For those who have less than 15 lbs to lose, the three-bottle package would be a good choice.
For those who have lost between 15 and 30 lbs, the six-bottle package would be a good choice.
For those who have lost 30 lbs or more, the 12-bottle package is recommended.
Carb Burn Promotional Pricing
Beyond 40 has reduced the price of Carb Burn to 80% as part of a 2022 promotion. The promotion allows you to buy Carb Burn for a lower price.

Here are the pricing details:

Three bottles: $27.00
Six bottles: $54.00
Twelve bottles: $108.00
Each Carb Burn bottle contains 60 capsules (30 servings). Two capsules per day is recommended for anyone over 40.

The Final Word
Carb Burn is a weight loss, carb management and blood sugar supplement that contains three tested ingredients to help with blood sugar and insulin control.

Carb Burn can be taken daily to support healthy blood sugar levels and insulin control. This will give you more energy throughout the day and better glycemic support.
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