2022 Musician of the Year Nomination Form
The West Michigan Jazz Society invites its membership to send in their nominations for the 2022 WMJS Musician of the Year Award. This award was established in 2000 to honor outstanding local musicians and is given annually to recognize someone who has contributed over a period of time to the West Michigan scene in perpetuating a greater
awareness of jazz.

CRITERIA for nominations should include some, not necessarily all, of the following:

• what the person has done to help jazz grow in Western Michigan, they are recognizable as a jazz ambassador
• has been a special asset to WMJS in performing and or promoting our programs
• the amount of their participation in the jazz scene, public recognition, community involvement, and inspires others
• furthering jazz education, has contributed to youth programs or other venues that perpetuate jazz for future generations

Please complete and submit the nomination form below.
The deadline is January 16, 2022. You must be a current member in good standing to submit a nomination.