SAGA Adoption Application
  • At S.A.G.A. (Southern Alberta Greyhound Association) our goal is to place greyhounds into homes that will benefit both the dog and the adopter. Please answer the following questions with as much detail and honesty as possible as it will help us to match the best greyhound for you.

    PLEASE NOTE THAT A NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT OF $50.00 (payable in US funds cash or money order) IS REQUIRED TO HOLD A GREYHOUND. This amount will be applied to your adoption fee of $450.00 (always not refundable and payable in US funds cash or money order) pending approval.

    If we decline your application, your deposit will be refunded. If you have any questions, please call 403-889-1932 or email at
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    Please read the following statements and sign below to confirm that you have read and agree with S.A.G.A.'s Terms of Agreement:

    I am willing to educate myself to the specific needs of my greyhound and will ensure that my vet is also made aware of any issues that are unique to greyhounds.

    I take possession of this greyhound with the understanding that it is to be kept solely as a pet and is never to be raced. I will keep S.A.G.A.'s identification tag and city license if applicable on the dog at all times and will notify S.A.G.A. IMMEDIATELY if this greyhound is ever lost, stolen, or deceased. I will keep my contact information current with S.A.G.A. to ensure that they will be able to reach me in case of an emergency. I will advise S.A.G.A of the new City of Calgary License number when the transfer has been filed with the City of Calgary.

    I am aware that greyhounds are sight hounds and may chase anything and understand that my greyhound is to be kept on a leash at all times when outside of an enclosed area. I understand that gates to my fence must be spring loaded or padlocked and I will not use an electric fence. I realise that my greyhound is an indoor animal and agree to keep him/her inside my home. I will not keep my greyhound outside unattended for long periods of time.

    If ever I should leave my greyhound in the care of another person, I will ensure that they are responsible and are made aware of the rules of this agreement, specifically the procedure of what to do in the event of a lost greyhound.

    If circumstances prevent me from keeping this dog, I will contact S.A.G.A. I will NOT give this greyhound to anyone without S.A.G.A's knowledge or consent.

    I accept full responsibility for its care, releasing the previous owner as well as S.A.G.A and its representatives of any liability from this date forward. I will see to it that my greyhound has proper veterinary care and will keep his/her inoculations up to date.

    If there is a dispute as to the welfare of the greyhound or whether the terms and conditions of this agreement are being met, I understand that my greyhound could be recovered by S.A.G.A. and may remain in S.A.G.A custody until the matter is resolved.

    I understand that in order to complete the processing of this application, a visit to my home will be scheduled by a representative of S.A.G.A. By submitting this application, I agree to such a scheduled visit.

    Adopter agrees to supply SAGA of the greyhounds’ License Number for the municipality where the owner resides within 1 month of Adoption for Lost and Found use only.

    I certify that all information on this application is true and correct. I fully understand and accept the terms of this agreement.
  • In-lieu of a signature, please insert your legal name to verify you understand the terms of agreement on this application.
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