"Thumbs Up" Nomination Form
(Roanoke, AL)

To nominate an individual for the "Thumbs Up!" recognition award, all fields of this form must be completed. The form will then be reviewed by the individual's supervisor and the site HR department.

Upon approval from the Roanoke management team, "Thumbs Up!" recipients will be presented with a personalized letter and recognition certificate signed by the functional Vice President and a gift card valued at $40 and the person initiating the recommendation will receive a $10 gift card. (By law, all gift cards must be reported as taxable income.)
  • Criteria:

    • The "Thumbs Up!" award is currently limited to individuals working at Mohawk's Roanoke, AL manufacturing facility.

    • Individuals may recognize the accomplishments of a colleague through a "Thumbs Up!" nomination, e.g., peers, co-workers, internal clients, leaders, direct reports, etc., but they may not nominate themselves.

    • A nominated individual must demonstrate action or work that goes “above and beyond” their expected performance level and the action or work must provide a measurable benefit to colleagues, customers and/or the Company.

    • The nominated individual must be in compliance with all Company policies, in good standing and must meet all requirements and expectations for his or her position.
  • Nominator Info:

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  • Nominee Info:

    Please provide the following information for the team member you are nominating for recognition:
  • Specifically, provide the context of the situation and the business impact that came as a result of this effort.
  • Reminder: The form must be completed in its entirety in order for nominated individuals to be considered and approved.

    If you have technical, computer or system-related questions or issues with the nomination form, please contact Vincent Gross (706) 463-1731.

    For general questions about the Thumbs Up recognition program, please contact Shelley Welch, Mohawk Flooring - Roanoke, AL HR Manager at Shelley_Welch@mohawkind.com.