Athletic Field Request
Use this form to request a permit to and East Lyme Parks and Recreation Athletic Field.
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  • Describe the field use and activities to be conducted.
  • Include dates, times, and recurrences.
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  • Include details about field preparation, lights or other important information.
  • Requirements

    INSURANCE: The Town of East Lyme does not provide participants or spectators medical, surgical, or hospital expenses arising out of proposed activity. Applicant, and any associated businesses or organizations, may be required to submit a Certificate of Insurance per Town requirements as a condition for the granting of a “Facilities Use Permit”.

    Upon completion of use, security deposit shall be returned in full, if there are no damages. If there are damages, the security deposit shall be used to offset the actual cost of repairs. All security deposits, when required, shall be in cash, or by bank or certified check made payable to the TOWN OF EAST LYME. Said conditions, if required, shall be met with a minimum of 10 days prior to scheduled event. If insurance certificate is not required it is understood that applicant assumes financial responsibility for any damages to facility caused by persons using facility under this permit.

    AGREEMENT: Requesting group must have a substantial number of East Lyme residents/taxpayers. The use of alcoholic beverages shall be prohibited per “Ordinance Concerning Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages”, (Town Ordinance, Volume XII, page 139), and all facility policies of the Parks and Recreation Commission will be enforced. It is understood that by signing this agreement that the Town of East Lyme is held harmless from any such claim or damages and agrees to indemnify the Town in the event of any such claims or damages.

    By clicking "Submit" below, I attest that I am authorized to do so on behalf of Organization, and I indicate agreement on behalf of Organization with all of the terms listed above.