WOL Kids Ministry Covenant
Please read this WOL Kids ministry covenant and sign your name below. By signing, you commit to uphold the guidelines outlined below as long as you serve with WOL Kids.
  • WOL Kids is passionate about reaching and teaching kids to grow as followers of Jesus, because kids matter. Our goal is to guide kids in the development of a biblical worldview that will enable them to become life-long followers of Jesus. As a leader within WOL Kids, we expect certain standards as you serve the kids here at Water of Life. We expect you to:

    Be Prepared (Read your lesson or prepare for your assigned area ahead of time)

    Be Present (Arrive 1 hour prior to the service start time)

    Be Safe (Never be alone with a child, and create a safe space for kids to share)

    Be a Partner (Communicate with parents and WOL Kids Staff when necessary)
  • In addition to the above, we ask that you agree to uphold the following standards of ministry.

  • - -