• **This is not the Technical Official Nomination Form. This is for Volunteers only**

    Swimming NSW is calling on the assistance of volunteers for our upcoming Winter meets listed below. We understand the benefits gained from utilising this valuable resource from previous seasons and will continue to engage the volunteer workforce to help assist technical officials in many areas.

    For a full list and detailed descriptions of our required volunteer roles, please click HERE

    For a full list of all our upcoming meets, please see the Event Calender on our website HERE

    Some meets have only a limited requirement for volunteers, due to the small size of the event. As this is the case, please know that your nomination may be declined for this reason.
    For the smaller meets, we will accept volunteers on a first in, first served basis and will contact you if your volunteer services are not required.

    A roster will be sent out to the volunteers required; detailing the positions we need you to fill. All required volunteers will receive a Swimming NSW Accreditation for their sessions upon arrival.

    Volunteers that show up WITHOUT this accreditation and who are not on the roster, will be asked to leave the pool
  • Must be in this format: WWC0123456X
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  • Thank you for your nomination.

    The SNSW Events Manager will be in touch with you in due course to confirm your roster.

    Should your circumstances change and you find you are unable to volunteer for the meets and sessions you have nominated for, please contact Shannon Smith via email shannon.smith@nsw.swimming.org.au as soon as possible.

    All details received from volunteer applications will be retained by SNSW on our volunteer database for use at future events. Unless otherwise advised, SNSW will contact existing volunteer members by email to provide details of future events.