Commercial Roofing Problems - What you need to kno
When a roof is installed, most people forget to check on it. The roof is left alone, and no one thinks to regularly go up and see whether all is well. The only time that the roof is given attention is during the fall when the leaves clog the gutters and someone has to go up and broom them out.
There’s a need to pay more attention to roofing problems, however minor, as soon as they are identified. Even better, have a contract with the roofing company that did the initial installation for a regular check-up of your roof. They’ll catch a problem before it escalates.
Listed below are some of the common problems that require attention as soon as they are identified.

This is probably the most common problem in roofing. A leaking roof is bad for everyone. When it rains, the water soaks up everything. Leaks can start small and escalate when they are not watched or repaired.

Construction guys Auswest told us that the problematic area should be sealed with products easily available in the home improvement section of many stores. If this problem is addressed as soon as it is identified, there would be less harm done to the roof, and the cost of repair would be minimal.

Rots on roof supports
The supports to the roof may weaken as a result of many things, but especially due to heat. When the roof is not well ventilated, hot air is condensed and later becomes humidity. This is not good for the support system of the roof, as it will cause it to rot.

The roof, with nothing strong to support it, will collapse. If proper maintenance were done on the roof every now and then, this problem would be noted and nipped in the bud, saving the homeowner the cost of a new roof.

Improper drainage
Water runs through the roof and is drained from the gutters. If it stays on the roof longer that it should it results in rot. This is always due to padding, which basically means water is collecting where it’s not meant to.
Check to ensure that there are no obstacles to proper drainage and if there are, ensure that they are eliminated to prevent the roof from being overwhelmed. If need be, have extra pipes installed to drain the water.
Buckled panels

The panels of a roof may buckle due to poor installation when using a workman who has no proper skills. When they buckle, they become lose the wind passes through them and as often as it beats them, they give in and start coming off in large bits.

When a harsh wind blows, this roof that has already been weakened by wind cannot hold anymore and it comes off completely. The owner will have no choice but to replace the entire roof. Therefore, repair the panels as soon as weakness is noted.

Expanded screw holes

When the roofing is done,the area around the panels may be left with holes larger than they should. This is again as a result of poor workmanship. If the holes are not sealed in good time, they will be enlarged by the elements and soon water sips through and makes it a bigger problem.
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