Thank you for contacting us to be one of our upcoming YOU NIGHT role models. By submitting this form, it does not guarantee your spot, but puts you in line on a first come, first serve basis. Participants are usually notified by February of each year. Runway events are held twice a year: October in St. Tammany and July in New Orleans.

To date (since our inception in 2013), 250 cancer survivors have participated in this life-changing program. The program involves opportunities that at first seem out of the norm, but when lived out are quite empowering and inspiring. When we genuinely feel good inside about who we are and learn to better communicate this we touch those we love in a powerful way. We become a greater force in the world for good.

There are a few important commitments for you to be agree to that help us to plan your experience and help you to get the most out of it.

Please note the following requirements:
Submitting this form means that you agree to encourage your friends and family to attend the grand finale runway event date tba. This is such an incredible night; it gives your friends, family and even your doctors a chance to celebrate with you what you have accomplished! Some participants have one or two people attend, and others have as many as 50 guests attend. The program provides a discount rate of $100 per ticket for friends and family. (The normal price is $125). In order to cover the costs associated with the program it is best if each participant sets a goal of purchasing or selling 10 tickets. Tickets are available on a first come basis; those purchasing tickets first are given premium seating for their guests.

You are also agreeing to attend approximately 12 mandatory training meetings which will take place over a 5 month period. These include: 7 Runway Training Sessions, Professional Photography (photo shoot day), Salon Appointment (gifted), Boutique appointments, and a Music Video shoot.

Once we are ready to begin the planning and production of the event you are interested in, we will notify you with next steps.

Thank you for being a role model in our community by sharing your journey with us, and with those who will be inspired by you!

Questions? 877-591-5936x1
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