Five A Side Team Rego Form
To be completed for every competition season.

Mon: 29th January 2024- Mixed Comp
Tue: 6th February - Men's Social Comp
Wednesday 7th February: All Age Womens + O40s Womens
Thursday: 8th February - Men's Over 40's Social Comp
  • First Name and Surname Phone number FFA number DOB
    Player 1
    Player 2
    Player 3
    Player 4
    Player 5
    Player 6
    Player 7
    Player 8
    Player 9
    Player 10
  • Five a Side Player registration is $120 per player for a 10 week competition for our Mixed and Mens/ Mens O40s competitions.

    All age Womens and O40s womens will be an 8 week competition and play registration is $100 per person.

    All players must register and pay individually via
    There will be no other match fees charged per game.

    For further information - Email - Kat -