Participant Agreement
(Must be signed to attend)

    The COW program is designed to help its participants better prepare themselves for the remainder of their high school careers, their work lives after high school, and for college if they choose to pursue it. The COW program achieves its goals through a well-balanced regime of academic and physical training, in addition to a diverse schedule of seminars and lectures by guest speakers. However, the most integral component in the program's achievement of its goals is the degree to which the students participate in all facets of the program, and how willing they are to approach this experience as an opportunity to learn.

    If students apply themselves, they can gain much in terms of improving their inner work standards, developing a more effective approach to problem solving, and practicing more mature, responsible behavior. Where there is great effort in these areas, there will be great progress towards achievement of individual and program goals.

    The program's expectations relative to the participant's involvement are simple:
    1). Give maximum effort and participation at all times, and in all activities.
    2). Respect the rights and property of others.
    3). Keep foremost in mind that each student is involved in COW to better prepare himself for the future. Do nothing that would jeopardize the program for future students.

    The standards of behavior are best described by defining what is not acceptable behavior. The following is a list of those things that are categorically prohibited:
    1. No drugs
    2. No alcohol
    3. No smoking
    4. No weapons
    5. No lying, stealing, or cheating
    6. No fighting
    7. No disrespect to peers or those in authority
    8. No laziness or loafing
    9. No quitting
    10. No violations of VMI rules and regulations. These will be explicitly covered with you upon arrival to VMI.

    For those students who satisfactorily complete the various facets of the COW program, a certificate of completion will be presented. Those who do not give legitimate effort towards completion or mastery of assigned tasks, i.e., homework assignments, physical training components, proper conduct, etc., will not receive a certificate. In addition, anyone who commits flagrant violations of this agreement will be separated from the COW program, after adequate warnings and consultation with parents.

    Any student separated from COW must depart the program and VMI promptly. Parents are responsible for providing transportation for their son. If personal transportation arrangements can not be made promptly, public transportation (bus, train, etc.) will be arranged, at the parent's expense.
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    In the event that my son/family member is separated from the program and I am unable to pick him up within a
    24 hour period of notification, I give my permission for the appropriate authorities at VMI to place him on
    commercial transportation, e.g., bus, train, etc., to be sent home. VMI and COW authorities are to be held
    harmless once my son/family member is placed on commercial transport. Furthermore, I understand and agree
    that I am responsible for all associated transportation costs, and that these funds will be forwarded to VMI
    immediately upon the student's departure.
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    Eugene Williams
    College Orientation Workshop, Inc.
    6955 Cable Drive
    Marriottsville, MD 21104