All applications must be submitted 15 days in advance of the event. Check with management to make sure that the date you wish to reserve is available. Up to 12 people, submit a $50.00 security deposit with this application. Over 12 people submit a $200.00 security deposit with this application. Security deposit will be returned after an inspection by the manager or a board member.
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  • Owner understands and agrees:

    Unit owner may use the facility for the time and in the manner approved but no other unit owner may be denied access to the pool and restroom facilities during this time.

    The board will not permit temporary exclusive use of the clubhouse more than two (2) times within any given week (Sunday through Saturday).

    A unit owner is permitted to reserve the clubhouse for his/her own personal use not more often than two times in any calendar year. This privilege is non-transferrable. If, however, 14 days before the date of the third time requested during the week in question, the board may grant permission for another "temporary exclusive" use by that unit owner.

    The unit owner who leases the clubhouse for temporary exclusive use is responsible to see that the regular pool regulations are enforced.
    The unit owner who leases the facility is financially responsible for any damage that may occur during the function.

    Leases and family members/guests to the unit owner may not lease the clubhouse for temporary exclusive use. An exception to this rule may be made by the board for annual leases or seasonal leases of not less than three consecutive calendar months of duration. If the application of such a lease is approved, the lease is subject to all the restrictions.

    Please address all questions to the property manager or call the clubhouse office on 514-0722. Property manager/board members signature of approval for inspection of clubhouse/pool after a party to return security deposit.
  • Thank you for using the reservation form.