2023 Homecoming Vendor Village Application
  • Greetings!

    Clinton College is pleased to extend an invitation to you to participate in the 2023 Vendor Village during Homecoming 2023. Vendor Village will be open for vendors on Friday, November 10th, 2023 and Saturday, November 11th, 2023 from 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Vendors must commit to staying the entire reserved time slot to prevent event traffic and parking issues.

    Please review the enclosed information for vendor participation:
    • Vendor Application
    • Vendor Guidelines and Terms of Agreement

    Once you have read and completed all forms, please return no later than November 6, 2023. There will be a $25 late fee applied for all applications being received after November 6, 2023. After your vendor application has been processed, we will send additional details relating to homecoming activities. We look forward to you joining us as we welcome the community, alumni, students, and business leaders to Clinton College.

    If you have any questions or need any additional information, please feel free to contact me at dwilliams@clintoncollege.edu or 803.327.7402.

    With Golden Bear Tenacity,
    Dontavius Williams
    Coordinator of Alumni and Donor Engagement
  • - -
  • ***Booth includes 1 6Ft table and 2 Chairs


    1. The vendor reserves, through Clinton College, vendor space for the purpose of
    displaying, promoting, and selling services and/or products.

    2. The vendors set-up will include (1) 6’ rectangle table and (2) chairs.

    3. Vendors are allowed to set up between 7:30 a.m.-10:00a.m. only (NO EXCEPTIONS).

    4. Clinton College will assign vendors their space. Vendors will be responsible for keeping their area(s) clean during the event, as well as cleaning up thoroughly before leaving.

    5. Vendors MAY NOT assign, sublet, or apportion any of the space contracted to any other individual or organization without written permission of the Vendor Coordinator.

    6. Vendors will be allowed to park in designated parking locations on campus.

    7. Vendors are required to occupy ONLY the area they were assigned.

    8. Sound devices or any noise-making machines must be conducted or arranged so that noise will not result in disturbing adjacent vendors.

    9. All vendors must supply their own equipment for payment processing.

    10. Vendor must obtain all permits and licenses required by state and county laws, and must
    pay all federal, state, and county taxes. Proof of such license and permits is required.

    Any violation of York County, City of Rock Hill, or South Carolina State laws is subject to
    permit revocation and/or fines.

    11. If an act of God, war, fire, strike, or any outside cause prevents Clinton College’s
    Vendor Village from being held, Clinton College may retain a portion of the Vendor’s
    rental fee of 50% required to compensate Clinton College for expenses incurred up to
    the time such contingency shall have occurred.

    In consideration of the mutual covenants and conditions contained herein. The University and the Vendor hereby agree as follows:

    1. Hold Harmless. The Vendor shall fully defend, indemnify, and hold harmless the College from any and all claims, lawsuits, demands, causes of action, liability, loss, damage and or injury, of any kind whatsoever (including without limitation all claims for monetary loss, property damage, equitable relief, personal injury and wrongful death), whether brought by an individual or other entity, or imposed by a court of law or by administrative action of any federal, state, or local governmental body or agency, arising out of, in any way whatsoever, an acts, omissions, negligence, or willful misconduct on the part of the Vendor, its officers, owners, personnel, employees, agents, contractors, invitees, or volunteers. This indemnification applies to and includes, without limitation, the payment of all penalties, fines, judgements, awards, decrees, attorney’s fees, and related costs or expenses, and any reimbursements to the College for all legal fees, expenses, and costs incurred by it.

    2. Authority to Enter Agreement. Each Party warrants that the individuals who have signed this Agreement have the actual legal power, right, and authority to make this Agreement and bind each respective Party.

    3. Amendment; Modification. No supplement, modification, or amendment of this Agreement shall be binding unless executed in writing and signed by both Parties.

    4. Waiver. No waiver of any default shall constitute a waiver of any other default or breach, whether of the same or other covenant or condition. No waiver, benefit, privilege, or service voluntarily given or performed by a Party shall give the other Party any contractual right by custom, estoppel, or otherwise.

    5. Attorneys’ Fees and Costs. If any legal action or other proceeding is brought in connection with this Agreement, the successful or prevailing Party, if any, shall be entitled to recover reasonable attorneys’ fees and other related costs, in addition to any other relief to which that Party is entitled. In the event that it is the subject of dispute, the court or trier of fact who presides over such legal action or proceeding is empowered to determine which Party, if any, is the prevailing party in accordance with this provision.

    6. Entire Agreement. This Agreement contains the entire agreement between the Parties related to the matters specified herein and supersedes any prior oral or written statements or agreements between the Parties related to such matters.

    7. Enforceability, Severability, and Reformation. If any provision of this Agreement shall be held to be invalid or unenforceable for any reason, the remaining provisions shall continue to be valid and enforceable. If a court finds that any provision of this Agreement is invalid or unenforceable, but that by limiting such provision it would become valid and enforceable, then such provision shall be deemed to be written, construed, and enforced as so limited. The intent of the Parties is to provide as broad an indemnification as possible under South Carolina law. In the event that any aspect of this Agreement is deemed unenforceable, the court is empowered to modify this Agreement to give the broadest possible interpretation permitted under South Carolina law.

    8. Applicable Law. This Agreement shall be governed exclusively by the laws of South Carolina, without regard to conflict of law provisions.

    9. Exclusive Venue and Jurisdiction. Any lawsuit or legal proceeding arising out of or relating to this Agreement in any way whatsoever shall be exclusively brought and litigated in the federal and state courts of South Carolina. Each Party expressly consents and submits to this exclusive jurisdiction and exclusive venue. Each Party expressly waives the right to challenge this jurisdiction and or venue as improper or inconvenient. Each Party consents to the dismissal of any lawsuit that they bring in any other jurisdiction or venue
  • Acceptance of Terms and Fees:

    I have read and agree to adhere to the guidelines as outlined regarding vendors for Clinton College Vendor Village during the 2023 homecoming celebration.

    I understand that all guidelines and terms become part of the contract between Clinton College and vendor.

    Guidelines have been formulated in the best interest of all concerned. All issues not covered will be decided by Clinton College and vendor
  • Note:

    Deadline to submit the application to Clinton College is February 8, 2023