"Back to our Roots" Camping
UP TO TWO CAMPING NIGHTS: April 21 & 22, 2023, Rosenwald Acres, 639 Rosenwall Rd., Huntsville TX 77340. ...Fill out this form and hit submit. We will contact you.
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    SPACE AT THIS TIME IS LIMITED. We can only accommodate campers on a 1st come, 1st served basis! Once full we will begin a waiting list should more space opens up. Stay tuned.

  • (More info: http://earthdayjamfest.com. or email us at rosenwaldacres@gmail.com )
  • PLEASE NOTE: Firepit usage may be subject to permissions from the Walker County Fire Marshall.

    To help care for our planet, Rosenwald Acres utilizes an Atmospheric Water Generation system and plans to have solar-powered utilities installed by Summer, 2023.

    Porta-potties and hydration stations will provided, but please be prepared to bring your own water and (preferable) solar lights and generator if needed. More info as time gets closer.
  • There is an overnight fee for each individual per day. Please let us know if you're planning to hang out with friends ...or bring family, children, animals, etc. This is not carved in stone just an estimate on who might come.

    We will try to place you near folk with similar interests. Persons, however, planning on engaging in profane actions or sporting inappropriate attire should not apply.
  • (This is just to help us discover where best to place you.)
  • If possible, please share a photo of your camping equipment / pup tent or RV here. You may also email multiple photos to us at texasmedieval936@gmail.com
  • You may upload an additional photo here.
  • FOR IDENTITY/SECURITY PURPOSES upload a photo of you / your photo ID or of you with your fellow camper(s). This helps put a face to a name in case of an emergency. Preferences: .jpg, .pdf, or .png screen shot. Thanks!

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  • If you send your payment via Zelle, or Paypal to " rosenwaldacres@gmail.com" . Be sure to put your email/contact info and what you are paying for in the "Notes" section.

    We also welcome your mailed check or Bank's Bill-pay check sent to:

    Attn EarthDay
    c/o 639 Rosenwall
    Huntsville TX 77340

    Problems? Call or text Kijana at 832-800-4353
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    I UNDERSTAND THAT THIS IS A FAMILY-FRIENDLY GATHERING My friends and I will attempt to dress and comport ourselves accordingly.

    RIGHT TO EVICT. I also understand that this event is being held on historic privately owned land and that Management reserves the right to refuse service or evict anyone, without refund, for any and all behavior deemed not to be in the spirit of the festival or which threatens the peaceful success of this fun event.

    GRAPHIC PERMISSION: I understand that all PHOTOS, VIDEOS, etc, taken at the festival to this project become the digital/intellectual or physical property of the producers of the Festival to share and display as they so choose for future journalistic, advertising or public relations purposes.

    INDEMNIFICATION: I herein indemnify Festival coordinators, owners of Rosenwald Acres, festival Sponsors, contributors, vendors, participants, artists, The Wiseman Company, any of this festival’s contractors, vendors volunteers, associates and employees from any and all claims that may arise from my participation, or overnight stay, at this event. I understand that there are no refunds, only future credit or in-kind value trade.

    E-SIGNATURE AUTHORIZATION: Typing my name in the signature block below signifies that I adhere to this Electronic Communication & Signature feature, herein granting consent to utilize the input as a legally binding electronic signature and hereby give my affirmative consent to provide this electronic signature as described herein. To the fullest extent permitted by law, project organizers herein accept this e-signature as legally equivalent to a handwritten signature to signify an Agreement. This policy does not limit organizer's right or option to conduct a transaction on paper or in a non-electronic form, nor to have documents provided / available on paper when required by applicable policies, laws or regulations.
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