Individual Grant Funding Application
Graduate and Professional Student Association

Individual Research, Professional Involvement and Conference Funding Grants

In all cases, funds must be approved and secured before the event occurs (excluding registrations and memberships/dues reimbursements). No reimbursements will be offered after the event or activity has occurred unless prescribed in the Funding Application/Proposal and approval. Students must complete the Approval for Student Travel form and follow all travel guidelines for grant funding to be released for travel/conference reimbursement.


GAPSA Individual Grant Funding helps to support and facilitate graduate and professional student development. The program is designed to help offset the costs associated with scholarly research/research projects, conference/meeting attendance/registration, mileage/travel and memberships that are not directly funded by other areas or Colleges/Departments within or external to the University. Examples of such expenses include, but are not limited to, payment for: professional membership dues, conference registration, conference/meeting travel accommodations, research related search fees, travel to/from research related sites or needs, photocopying/printing, assistance in data collection and coding, administering questionnaires, and purchase of expendable laboratory equipment and/or materials. No usual or customary expenses will be covered, such as rent, pay for assistants, transcription (except in case of a documented disability), or for resources that may be provided through the University. Individual meals/food/gas reimbursement associated with travel will not be covered under this grant. Exam board/licensure preparation materials or otherwise, books, required certification course work, clinical practicum experiences/travel and the like will not be covered under this grant. Applicants seeking awards to cover expenses that involve incentives for their research subjects must have IRB approval and are required to itemize each gift, reveal the monetary value, and get a signature from each subject. In cases where the identities of research subjects are to remain anonymous, it is appropriate to assign research subjects with a letter or number in the itemization and signatures will not be required.

Note: All funding is up to a maximum of $220 ($440 if travel outside the continental US). Funding is a per student, per academic year allowance to the maximum amount. Students may apply for funding up to the maximum amount per year. Students with state, regional or national professional organization roles (voting delegate, etc.) and those with accepted research or program presentations will be weighted for approval. Funding for the 2024-2025 academic year will be for projects, events, memberships from June 1, 2024 – May 31, 2025.

No funding will be awarded for projects and conferences/travel that have already occurred.
  • 1) Grant Period and Type

  • Select the semester for which you are applying.
  • Select the purpose for your use of funds. You may check more than one.
  • Complete the application section(s) 2, 3, and/or 4 that match with the Grant Type(s) you are applying for.

  • 2) Application for Conference / Meeting Attendance

    UNE associated travel requires completion of an online Student Travel Registration and Waiver form. Please complete & submit this form before applying for a grant award. Go to:
  • Name of Conference
  • / /
    What is the start date of the conference?
  • / /
    What is the end date of the conference?
  • Where is the conference? City, State (include country if international)
  • 3) Application for Professional Involvement/Organization Memberships

  • List the Professional Organization(s) you are joining.
  • 4) Application for Research

  • Summarize your Research Project.
  • 5) All Application Types

  • Summarize your purpose for participation in the professional organization and/or your intended activities for the conference you are attending, and/or what knowledge you anticipate gaining from your research. (250 word maximum)
  • Indicate how attendance, participation, membership or other will benefit you academically, intellectually, and professionally. (250 maximum)
  • Attach an excel or word document, itemizing your expenses & funding sources. Avoid itemizing prohibited expenses. Review the guidelines at the beginning of this form. Applications are anonymous, use your PRN to identify yourself on the attachment.
  • $ .
    Enter the total amount you are requesting.
  • What other funding sources will you be accessing?
  • Provide your 9 digit PRN, beginning with 9 1 0.
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