YOUTH CLINIC with Samantha St Jacques
North Star Farm
2477 North Lane, Orefield, Pa
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  • PAYMENT TERMS: I understand that upon clicking the Submit button I am obligated to submit payment via the payment method chosen in the payment options section.
    Pay Now option requires me to complete the payment screen section now (wait for payment screen to appear after clicking submit).
    Pay by Check allows me to exit the payment screen and send a check

    COGGINS TEST & EHV TEST: I also understand that I am required to bring a current copy of a Negative Coggins Test & EHV test to the clinic or I will not be able to ride in the clinic.
  • Note for pay by check users:
    When you choose Pay by Check and click Submit, the payment screen will still appear. Simply exit out of that screen without continuing any further. Your Clinic Entry was automatically received when you clicked Submit.

    Before clicking Submit, write down this address to send your check to:
    Jennifer Koch, 2225 Seipstown Rd, Fogelsville, Pa
  • Please be patient, it take several seconds for the payment screen to appear after clicking submit.
    Do Not click the submit button more than once