2020/2021 Upward Bound Parent/Guardian Application
Upward Bound is a federally funded program designed to prepare high school age students for college. The Upward Bound program seeks students who are motivated academically but need academic assistance.

NOTE: This application allows you to upload documents to verify your sources and amounts of income. You may use the "Save & Resume" button at the bottom of this form at any time to save your form entries for up to 30 calendar days. If you do not complete and submit your form after the 30 calendar day period, you will lose your form entries and will need to begin the application process again.

Please address any questions to the Upward Bound staff at 443-885-3448.
  • The Upward Bound program provides educational opportunities for low income and first-generation college bound students. Please use the link below to access the Federal TRIO Programs Income Chart to determine if you meet the criteria to apply for this program.

  • Select one of the two choices above AFTER viewing the Income Chart and determining your income eligibility for Upward Bound.

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