Evan Tynan
Evan Tynan is a seasoned design and marketing professional specializing in the sports industry. With a talent for graphics and a strategic approach to branding, he has collaborated with various clients to elevate their public presence. His commitment to refining his skills has made him an asset to organizations aiming to update their communications in a rapidly changing environment.

Currently, Evan is part of the team at Triple Crown Sports, where he works with a range of clients to enhance their marketing efforts. His focus is on capturing the attention of the target audience. For him, graphics are not just about visual appeal; they are about creating a brand symbol that deeply connects with people, conveying essential values and benefits.

Drawing on his expertise in digital media and marketing, he helps organizations fine-tune their outreach strategies for maximum effectiveness. He aims to ensure that every investment in design yields significant returns. Regardless of a brand's existing success, he believes there is always room for growth and improvement.

Over the past decade, Tynan has built a robust portfolio and established himself in the marketing and communications field. He started as a volunteer intern for the Fort Myers Miracle Baseball Club, gradually climbing the ranks through hard work and dedication. He consistently places a high priority on learning from experienced graphic designers and communication strategists, always seeking to expand his knowledge and skills.

Tynan's career is driven by his passion for sports. He has worked with various athletic organizations at different levels, including NCAA Division II, NHL, NBA, and Minor League Baseball. His talent and drive have earned him several promotions, allowing him to explore new challenges and apply his skills in diverse contexts.
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