2021 Referee Tournament Hotel Request
  • Dear Referee,

    2021 Real Colorado Cup offers a limited number of complimentary hotels for referees who are working the tournament.

    Please read the form in its entirety, and answer each question.

    Confirmation of your acceptance will be emailed to you a minimum of 7 days prior to the event. Do not make travel arrangements until you have been formally accepted by the tournament assignment team. If your travel needs require an earlier acceptance, please email Eric or Deanna requesting an earlier decision.

    Referee needs are contingent upon the size of the tournament. Referees are required to work a minimum of two games per day, or the equivalent thereof during the duration of the tournament in order to receive complimentary hotel accommodations.

    Referees who are traveling with teams will not be provided with complimentary hotel accommodations due to the limited number of available rooms.

    Please complete this form ONE time. If changes occur, please contact Eric or Deanna.

    All Referees must be currently US Soccer Certified to participate.
    ***Please note for 2021: Due to the current environment, no foreign/international officials are approved to attend US Soccer sanctioned events.***

    If you have questions, please contact us at:

    Eric Smith

    Deanna Duncan-Allen
  • Current Referee License
    Select your current referee grade
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    I am 18 years of age or older
    I am under the age of 18 & I understand I will be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
    I am traveling with a team & need my officiating schedule arranged around the team. (please provide link to schedule below, if available) Hotel accommodations are not available for those traveling with teams.
    I am traveling with a group of referees & need my schedule coordinated with the group for travel purposes. (Each Referee must complete this form separately. Provide list of referee names @ the bottom of this email)
    I understand that I am responsible for my own food, water, water bottle, sports drinks, ground transportation/parking expenses. These expenses are the responsibility of the referee.
    I agree to read & abide by CSA Guide & understand payment polices & procedures. (If accepted, Guide will be sent with Acceptance Letter)
    I understand that it is possible that I will be rooming with another referee (separate bed)
    I need a private room for one or two people (fees may apply)
    I understand that I am required to provide the assignor team with travel itinerary.
    I understand that I must provide a minimum of a 5 day notice of cancellation if I need to turn back assignments.
    I understand that I must provide my personal credit card for incidentals, if room is complimentary
    Complimentary rooms are often contingent upon the number of team reservations, and that my lodging information & confirmation number may come as late as 24 hours prior to my arrival. Please, we ask for your patience during this busy time.
    I will treat hotel room with respect, follow all rules, and keep my room clean
    Assignor team will do our best to provide you with great games, and complimentary lodging, but please know by completing this form does NOT guarantee acceptance, until I receive an acceptance letter from tournament assignors.
    My SRA has approved my request to travel. (Please provide SRA name & email address in "tell us about yourself" below)
    I have an existing Game Officials Account (see below - User Name requested)
    I do not have an existing Game Officials Account & would like one
    I understand that referee payments will be processed via GoPay upon completion of the tournament. Processing and funding of referee payments can take between 5 & 14 business days.
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