2017-2018 Lion Pilot Program Unit Commitment Form
Please complete this form to continue being a Lion Cub Pilot Program or to become a new Lion Cub Pilot Program for fall of 2017.
  • Leadership and Required Training

    An experienced leader is required to serve as the Lion Guide and must be identified prior to Lion youth/family recruitment. The Lion Guide must complete Youth Protection Training and Lion Den Orientation prior to the start of the program. They must also submit PA background checks. By submitting the name and initialing below, you agree to the criteria and acknowledge it will be recorded/tracked.
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  • Registration Fees

    Your unit agrees to maintain Lion Den registration fee NOT TO EXCEED $55 based on the following fee structure: $32 for BSA Registration Fee; $10 Lion Book Set; $13 for recognition patch and modest monthly dues for consumables.
  • Program Planning

    Pack agrees to submit to the Council a Lion Den Calendar prior to fall recruitment with 2-3 Pack meetings listed for Lions to attend. A Pack Calendar submittal is optional.
  • Council Summer Camping Promotion

    Pack agrees to hold a NBOF Council Summer Camping Promotion presentation to include Lion Den by a District representative before February 2018.
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  • Recruitment

    Pack agrees to include Lions in their Membership Growth Plan.
  • Unit Commitment

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