FTO Training Check Off - Skills
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  • FTO #1
  • FTO #2
  • Hands On Verbal
    Inspect for damage
    Control Solution
    Perform a check
  • Hands On Verbal
    Know how to replace a regulator on an O2 tank
    Know how to refill an O2 cylinder
    Demonstrate use of the Cascade system
    Review the location of AirGas
  • Hands On Verbal
    Effect a proper introduction to the patient
    Establish patient's chief complaint
    Establish predisposing factors
    Ask relevant questions concerning chief complaint
    Establish past medical history
    Recognize when to seek additional history from family/friends
    Ascertain medications
    Ascertain allergies
    Demonstrate the ability to delegate information gathering task to others
    Assessment of patient and discharge paperwork while on scene
  • Hands On Verbal
    Demonstrate consistent approach to primary survey
    Demonstrate ability to recognize serious/critical signs and symptoms
    Demonstrate consistent approach to secondary survey (complete head to toe)
    Demonstrate ability to accurately measure vital signs
    Demonstrate location of ALS drugs to assist ALS
  • Hands On Verbal
    Hospital radio report
    Hospital written report
    Report to nursing staff
    Communication with patients and their family
  • Hands On Verbal
    Go over the refusal protocol
    Complete a patient refusal (if possible)
  • Hands On Verbal
    Demonstrates ability to drive in a safe manner
    Demonstrates ability to drive non-emergency
    Demonstrates ability to drive emergency
    Demonstrates ability to park in proper parking at local ER/facilities
  • Hands On Verbal
    Demonstrates knowledge of location/setup for:
    (OPA's and NPA's)
    ~How to measure~
    ~How to insert~
    ~Contraindications for use~
    Know BVM parts/how to use the BVM
    Nasal Cannula - proper placement and settings
    Non Rebreather Mask - proper placement and settings
    Venturi Mask - proper placement and settings