Minder Consultation
Are you a person who loves children and wants to work as a minder in an Irish family home? We are interested in talking to Irish and Non-Irish Minders who have legal right to work in Ireland. Minders can include live in and live out minders such as au pairs, nannies, babysitters, childminders, domestic worker, tutors, afterschool and special needs family assistance.
  • Contact Info

  • Legal Right to Work In Ireland

    You can refer to our website for more details.
  • Please only complete if eligible to work in Ireland
  • Child Care Experience

    Please provide relevant childcare related experience such as babysitting, creche, playschool, teaching, coaching, special needs.
  • Be specific about the amount of time/hours spent in each position
  • Be specific about why you would be great at this job
  • Specific Requirement:

    There are many childminders currently looking for roles. Its important to be as flexible as possible. However, we will try and accomodate your preferences.
  • Please read the following and be as specific as possible in your answers

    Specify no of children?

    Specify the minimum and maximum age of children you are willing to work with?

    The location you are willing to work in: City, a large town, a small town, a village, countryside?

    Willing to work with special needs?

    Willing to work with a non-Irish family?

    Willing to drive for the family?

    Have access to a car and can accommodate school runs?

    A family that will accept a smoker outside of the home

    A family that will accept a person from the LGBT community

    A family that will accept a person from an ethnic minority,

    A family that will accept a person with a disability.
  • Specify anything you are not open to