AHG Incident Report Form
Please complete the incident report below.

Incident reports are submitted via the online report form or scanned/emailed to the Troop’s Charter Organization and AHG Troop Coach within 24 hours of the incident or accident.

Incident Report Forms are kept by the Troop for at least four years.

Once the form is submitted, AHG, Inc. will pursue further steps to follow up if deemed necessary.

All media inquiries regarding an incident occurring during an AHG meeting, trip, activity or event, are directed to AHG, Inc. at news@ahgonline.org. Under no circumstances should an AHG Member speak on behalf of AHG, Inc.
  • (For example: OH0001)
  • (For example: chapel, campfire, playground, pool, tent, etc.)
  • If this report is not about an injured person, please list the person most directly impacted by the incident. There is space below for indicating others who were present at the time of the incident.
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  • A copy of this form will be emailed to you.