Financial Aid Satisfaction Survey
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    The financial aid section of the web site was easy to find.
    The steps on the web page, under “How do I apply for financial aid?” were easy to understand and easy to follow.
    Types of financial aid are clearly defined on the web page.
    The “Financial Aid-Steps to Success” section of the web page was straightforward and it helped me understand the process in more detail.
    The directions in the emails that I received from the Financial Aid Office made it easy to find and complete student requirements in the MyMotlow account.
    The forms that I needed to complete my student requirements were easy to locate in MyMotlow.
    The “Frequently Asked Questions” section of the Financial Aid web page answered at least one of my questions.
    The “Satisfactory Academic Progress” section of the web page, helped me understand the criteria that must be met in order to remain eligible to receive financial aid at Motlow.
    The Financial Aid Office email and telephone contact information was easy to find.
    Overall, the financial aid web page was organized and easy to navigate.