Application To Host a Conference

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Only BGMO Member Clubs can submit a request to host a BGMO Conference. These include:

West Coast Conference
East Coast Conference
  • The following requirements must be met or demonstrated in the proposal:

    1. Member Club (s) must be current with their membership status.

    2. Show stability of Club Structure and organization.

    3. Show sufficiency of personnel, thus showing your ability to do the event.

    4. You agree to hold a 50/50 and/or a Silent Auction for the benefit of BGMO during your event.

    5. You agree to give at least two (2) regular packages to BGMO to use for fundraising for regional conferences or two (2) full packages to BGMO for the previous years convergence chub chaser contest.

    6. You agree to use BGMO branding on your event advertising, including using BGMO’s webhosting for the event (i.e.,,, or

    7. You agree that no BGMO sponsored event shall be scheduled during the period of 60 days prior to and following the annual convention.
  • You also agree to the following:

    1. No registrations or payments can go through any competing company or outside organizations accounts or processes. Only approved BGMO accounts and processes are allowed. This is for all BGMO registrations, sales and includes credit card processing.

    2. All website development must be within an approved BGMO website. NO outside hosting or processing is allowed.

    3. No business nor competing events will be allowed to set up anywhere at a BGMO event except within the vendor hall of that event. The only exception is singage for a portion of any event that is sponsored by that business. Then it may only have signage.

    4. Only approved BGMO Events can advertise at BGMO events outside of the vendor area. No other competing event may advertise at any BGMO sponsored event, except within the event program/fun book or at a booth in the vendor hall.
  • You also agree to provide the following information to BGMO following the event:

    1. A full accounting of the event, which include all revenues and expenses, including numbers of packages purchased and at what level.

    2. Attendee details, such as age, region from, and email address to ensure they get added to the BGMO data base.

    3. Hotel contract, including the room block, food & beverage requirements.

    4. Any relevant information about your event, like sponsor contacts etc…
    The following criteria will be used in making the conference selection(s):

    1. All requirements are met as well as the completeness of proposal.

    2. Preference is given to member clubs and/or locations who have never hosted a conference.

    3. Since preference is given to member clubs, individual and business members must join forces with a member club to host a conference, to ensure ability to host the event properly.

    4. No member club hosting the annual conference shall also host a regional conference in the same year.

    5. Location of conference.
  • All considerations will be reviewed by the BGMO membership at our Annual Meeting.
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  • Conference Details

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  • Only clubs apart of BGMO can be considered to host a sanctioned BGMO conference.
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