CDT & Dental Tech Appreciation Month Testimonials
Calling all dental laboratory technicians! June is CDT and Dental Technician Appreciation Month, and it’s all about YOU! NBC, NADL, and the Foundation invite you to share your stories – and we want to hear it all!

What to Share and Why

- Success Stories: Your achievements are exciting! Your creativity paves the way for dental innovation.

- Gratitude Tales: Every ‘thank you’ echoes the impact you make.

- Origin Stories: Your journey inspires the next generation of technicians.

- Lab Life Pics: Show the world the skill and precision behind every smile you craft.

- Certification Thoughts: Share how becoming a CDT or RG has shaped your career.

NBC, NADL, and the Foundation are tremendously proud of this profession and our dental laboratory technicians. June is your month to shine! Look for special CDT and Dental Technician Appreciation Month content in the June/July issue of the Journal of Dental Technology and at NADLdlt social media pages!

Submit your stories and photos using this form. We can’t wait to hear from you!
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  • THANK YOU! Happy CDT & Dental Technician Appreciation Month!

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