Enquette: Gender and Role Balance at Tango Events
In the last 10 years, many events with balanced numbers of men/women or leaders/followers have been created: Marathons, Festivalitos and Encuentros Milongueros and private events.
This has positive results (everyone present gets to dance more) and negative consequences (long waiting lists for followers).
As a tango organiser who has been promoting this concept, I want to evaluate the current situation and initiate discussions about alternative concepts - if there are any.
Please note that I am discussing gender/role balance at events and not the pros and contras of pre-registration events as such. So if you just want to rant about supposedly elitist or inviation-only events, this is not your forum.

This questionnaire will be open until June, 5 2016. I am planning the publication of the results in September.

Thank you for participating,

Melina Sedó
  • "Far" and "Near" are of course very subjective and depend on your personal mobilty. A half-hour drive by car can be perceived as a long travel or just around the corner. Please choose as you "feel" it.
  • Home community refers to the place where you live, the area, town or nearer region, that you chose in the question above ("I live").
  • I am referring to social dancing - not teaching, performing, practising, organising events, listening to music at home, thinking about tango, writing about tango... Someone, who is very invested in tango, might still not get to dance often, out of numerous reasons. Also: If your attendance of social tango events is very irregular (you might sometimes dance daily, but then again not for weeks or month) make an estimation over the course of the year.
  • You can check more than one box.
  • 1 star = very unsatisfied
    5 stars = very satisfied
  • Often Sometimes Seldom Never
    I dance in my home town/region.
    I dance in my country of residence.
    I dance in other countries.
    I dance on other continents / all over the world.
    I would like to travel more, but cannot because of work, family, finances...
  • Yes/Always Often/Mostly Sometimes No
    I register for gender/role-balanced events
    I register with a partner
    I register solo
    I get accepted
    I get rejected
    I invent a virtual partner to get accepted
    I am accepted because of my good connections with the organisers or VIPs of such events
    I get into these events, because I dj or teach there
    I get accepted because I am a VIP
  • I agree I mostly agree I am undecided I mostly disagree I disagree
    I generally like the concept of gender-balanced events.
    I generally like the concept of role-balanced events.
    There should be more gender/role-balanced events.
    Local Milongas should be free of such regulations.
    International events should be free of such regulations.
    Organisers should slightly overbook followers/women.
    Organisers should slightly overbook leaders/men.
    I wish, that more men would dance both roles.
    I wish that more women would dance both roles.
    I am willing to dance less, but would like to be accepted more often.
    I am willing to dance less, in order to get more singles from the waiting list.
    Dancers should be strongly encouraged to book with a partner at gender/role-balanced events.
    Teachers should teach both roles in tango classes from the start.
    Teachers should only accept couples in beginners tango classes.
  • Yes/Regularly Often/Mostly Sometimes No
    I organise local/regional events.
    I use dance-role balance at my local events.
    I use gender balance at my local events.
    I organise international events.
    I use dance-role balance at my international events.
    I use gender balance at my international events.
    I accept female leaders.
    I accept male followers.
    I accept dancers who dance both roles.
    I announce gender/dance-role balance, but I don't stick to it.
    I slightly overbook followers/women.
    I slightly overbook leaders/men.
    I count staff (djs, teachers, helpers) in the gender/role balance.