Inbound Transfer Information (rev. 5.12.22)
Please provide us with the following to tell us about your transfer.
  • You will pick-up your firearm after we call you at our store location:

    Alpha Star Tactical
    6287 Busch Blvd.
    Columbus OH 43229
  • Your Information

    This is how we will contact you when your firearm arrives.
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  • Transferor / Sender / FFL Information (Do Not Put Your Information Here)

    This is how we contact the sender or sender's FFL if necessary.
  • This is the email address of the FFL that is sending the firearm. Please make sure this is correct. Do not put your e-mail here. This is where our license and the information on this form will be sent to aid in processing your firearm transfer.
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  • Firearm Being Transferred

    Tell us about the firearm - this will also be provided to the sending FFL.
  • ** By using this form, you agree that we may, from time to time, contact you via email.