Girl Scout Advisory Board to GSUSA Interest Form
Girl Scouts in grades 7-11 for Fall 2024 complete this interest form by 1/18/24 to be considered as a GSOC Nominee to apply for the Girl Scout Advisory Board to Girl Scouts of the USA.
  • The National Girl Scout Advisory Board to GSUSA works with the Girl Scout national office on key projects and initiatives aligned to the national strategy and provides critical customer insight and innovative ideas to serve girls in the 21st Century. Members of the advisory board work with teams in the national office on projects aligned with our national strategy, including program, girl engagement, DEI/RJ, research, marketing and more. Members make recommendations, contribute to key initiatives, and gain valuable experience and professional development.

    Girl Scout Advisory Board members serve for up to two years.

    2024 Call for nominations!
    GSUSA is accepting nominations for up to ten members to join the National Girl Scout Advisory Board to GSUSA. Girl Scouts in grades 7-11 in fall 2024 are eligible to join.
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  • Short Answer Questions: Each answer must be 1,000 characters or less.

  • 1. What is one way for Girl Scouts to attract new members to our organization?
    2. What is one way for Girl Scouts to continue to engage current members through elementary, middle, and high school?
    3. What is one way for Girl Scouts to increase revenue?
    4. What is one way for Girl Scouts to increase the value and recognition of the Girl Scout brand and experience with a wider audience?
  • Video: Record yourself answering the question below in about one minute.
    *How do you embody the qualities and character of a Girl Scout?

    Link Instructions: Upload your video to a file-sharing site that can generate a link to either view or download your video (e.g., Vimeo, YouTube, Google Drive, Dropbox). Ensure that anyone with the link can view or download the video, BUT make sure your video is not publicly available or searchable. For YouTube, you can make your video "Unlisted". For Vimeo, you can add a password alongside your link.
  • Note: If you are unable to upload your video here, you may email it directly to
  • Some video tips:

    • The video can be made use any recordable device, including a smartphone, tablet, laptop or digital camera.
    • Selfie-style videos are accepted and encouraged; your video does not need to be professionally shot or edited—we just want to get to know you and your interest in being a member of the Girl Advisory Board!
    • If recording your video from your cell phone, please hold the phone horizontally as it captures higher quality video.
    • Your video and application are considered together, weighted as much as a question – All pieces of your application work together to help us understand you as an applicant.
  • GSOC will notify all interested girls of their status and work with two nominees to complete the application by the deadline.