Registration for BDSCA 2019
NCL Escape from NYC to Bermuda
Hotel on October 12 for 1 Night
Cruise start on October 13 - 20, 2019 for 7 Nights
  • Remember, when you join this group, you will get these two free bonuses.

    It is free for the first two guest in each stateroom.
  • It is Free for the first two guests. If there are three or four guests in the same stateroom, you can share the cost.
  • It is free for the first two guests. If there are three or four guest in the same stateroom, you can share the cost.
  • Please Register Below for your Cruise and Package including 2 free bonuses.

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    If you do not have a phone number, type 000-0000 and type a note on the bottom of this page and explain why.
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  • Deposit $50 Per Guest is due by June 3, 2018

    Final Payment is Due by June 1, 2019. .
  • The third guest or more in the same stateroom usually cost less than the first and second guest's rate. There will be gratuity (tip) charge for third and fourth guest which is $101.50 per guest for whole week. It is waived (free) for the first two guests).
  • Click Here to see Norwegian Cruise Details about BookSafe Travel Protection Plan.

    Click Here to see video of ASL about Travel Protection Insurance.
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    Remember this is not guaranteed you will get this reservation and that it depends on what is available. We will let you know.

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