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  • Affiliation Category

    Please select below the affiliation package for your club inline with the details provided in the Club Affiliation Package Brochure 2022

    Please note that PAYMENT DETAILS will be sent to you in the confirmation email which you will receive once your form has been submitted. The email will be sent to your nominated 'MAIN CONTACT EMAIL ADDRESS' which you will select in the next section. Please pass this on to the relevant person at your club who can make the payment.

    Please ensure all information is entered accurately below, especially email addresses.
  • ie. main ground within the County of Hertfordshire
  • ie. play in Hertfordshire affiliated leagues and competitions but your ground/club is located outside of Hertfordshire (ie. Middx, Beds, Essex, etc.,)
  • Club Officials

    Please provide full details for each official and indicate which person you would like to nominate to be your MAIN CONTACT who will be included in all Club correspondence sent by HCL.
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  • Women and Girls Section

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  • Club SafeguardingOfficer

    It is a condition of Affiliation for all clubs to appoint and train a Club Safeguarding Officer.
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  • Fixture Secretary

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  • Club Website / Social Media Editor:

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  • Clubmark / Safehands Contact

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  • Ground Contact

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  • Payment

    Payment options and bank details will be emailed to the Main email contact above once the form is submitted. Please check your junk mail folders if you do not receive an immediate email reply.
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    For maintaining records / for ensuring the mandatory requirements of the ECB are satisfied / to provide and administer the goods and services you request from us. We would like to contact you by the following methods of communication: post / email / phone with information and offers of products or services that we believe may interest you. If you tick the opt in box you will be consenting to receive information and offers as described. You are entitled to a copy of your personal data and to correct any inaccuracies in it.
  • The Hertfordshire Cricket Limited Privacy Policy can be found on our website www.hertscricket.org