Top Games Inc
Apia, Samoa

Top Games Inc. is a video game company that serves gamers from all over the world. The company has a strong presence in more than 150 countries, spanning web and mobile. The team is known not only for their technical accomplishments, but also for their genuine enthusiasm for providing entertaining and innovative material to anyone who wants to play

Top Games Inc. was incorporated in 2015, although its roots go back much longer. The team's main members have worked in the industry for ten years, gaining the knowledge and experience necessary to create stronger characters, storylines, graphics, and platforms. The team generated goods that made millions of dollars throughout the course of their careers.

Top Games was able to build its own worldwide game publishing infrastructure on top of that solid basis. Even while web and social games dominated the industry in the early 2010s, the core team projected that mobile games will soon become widespread. The ultimate war strategy mobile game is the result of years of research and planning. The King's Return, the fourth installment of the epic adventure known as the Evony franchise, was released in 2016. Only a year later, Top Games Inc. aired an ad for The King's Return during the Super Bowl, instantly propelling the game into the Top 5 Most Downloaded in the United States. The commercial depicted different historical heroes such as George Washington, King Arthur, and Empress Wu banding together to battle a range of global foes. Who We Are We create thrilling and exciting games. Top Games' founders aimed to provide their audience an experience they wouldn't quickly forget.

Evony-The King's Return has received over 7 million downloads worldwide and has been translated into other languages. Top Games Inc. has managed to tap into the changing wants of gamers, generating more than $100 million in sales. The devotion to clients has remained constant over the years. The company provides enhanced features and products to a global audience with each new release. What Sets Us Apart Top Games Inc. places a strong emphasis on research and development, which is critical in the fast-paced world of technology. The company has a strategic development plan, which is how they were able to engage with R&D teams who could provide them with more information about what gamers truly want. It is because of this attention to detail that games are able to connect with their target audience. In addition to its breakout hit Evony, the company is currently working on a number of new games that users are eager to experience. Mission Top Games Inc. allows users to unleash their inner strategist in a thrilling and realistic environment.

Every product provides hours of entertainment and a much-needed reprieve from daily stress with its alliances, fights, and imagination. Furthermore, the company is emphasizing and appreciating our global history. Empress Wu and King Arthur are among the notable people featured in the games, allowing the spectator to travel back in time and witness the showdowns and wars that molded the international stage. Wu was the only woman to lead China for more than 3,000 years, and CEO Lu Lu was especially happy to pay honor to important women in history. Advantages of the Product Plague of Z, Alliance of Glory, Kings Legion, Rise of La Cosa Nostra, CryptoAge, and, of course, the Evony franchise are just a few of Top Games Inc.'s apps that have received high ratings.

Evony, according to David Guo, Chief Product Officer, "pioneered the popularity of the massively multiplayer online real-time strategy game." Top Games Inc. was able to catch the globe's imagination at a time when gamers were starting to demand new possibilities in the mobile environment. Millions of users were able to participate because to the team's concept. Milestones & Achievements Since its establishment in 2015, Top Games Inc. has achieved a number of milestones: It published games in over 150 countries in 2016. Evony became one of the Top 10 Highest-Grossing Games in more than 50 countries after the Super Bowl ad in 2017. In 2017, it won the Exemplary Cinematography Merit Award for "The Battle of Evony - Extended Cut," a Super Bowl commercial. For "The Battle of Evony," it was voted #2 in the Top 10 Music & Sound Award Super Bowl Commercials in 2017. In 11 countries, it was the most downloaded overall app. In 32 countries, it is the highest-grossing overall iOS app. In one country, the app was the most downloaded overall. In four countries, it is the highest-grossing overall Android app. Testimonials CEO David Guo is proud of his company's products, but much more proud of how his games bring people together. Evony franchises inspire players to span distances in the real world, just as they assist players span distances in the game. This is an activity that may be used as a social outlet as well as a personal getaway.
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