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  • **** NOTE 3 THINGS ****

    1. DO NOT BREACH CONFIDENTIALITY - CG needs to be told that if this counseling session or any aspect of it gets back to the family and gets back to us, we will take that as a breach of confidentiality (the confidentiality that they are NOT to discuss this with Anyone).

    2. PROFESSIONALISM - maintain this and learn from this as a professional. We are here to support you, not to hurt you.

    3. ELDER ABUSE - Let them know that if they mention this to (i) the client (ii) a family member or (iii) another CG, we will feel that they are doing it to garner sympathy and this is even borderline elder abuse.


    All employment relationships with Home Instead Senior Care are on an “at-will basis”. This means that neither employee nor HISC have entered into a contract that specifies duration of employment. Employees are free to terminate their employment with or without reason, with or without cause, and with or without prior notice. Likewise, HISC has the right to terminate employees’ employment, with or without reason, with or without cause, and with or without notice.

    HISC does not guarantee full time work to its employees. As it is standard in the home care industry, hours of employment can vary according to case availability and client preferences. HISC employees are hired as variable hour employees, since at the time of employment it cannot be determined if they are reasonably expected to work the average of weekly hours that would grant them full time status.

    No employee can enter into any agreement contrary to these policies. Exceptions can apply to office administrative staff.