• 1. Talk to all KPs and get all facts straight

    2. Review notes on this CG from HR Notes

    3. Review notes on this CG from A/T for HR

    4. Have clarity with respect to the policy that the CG needs counseling withCG Handbook (with policies)

    4. Mentally put yourself in a position to be present (active direct listening to them when it's their turn), open minded and to keep the goal in mind: for the CG to feel safe speaking with you and to understand how to act differently in the future

    5. Consult with fellow KPs as to (i) phone call or video

    6. Consult with fellow KPs as to: counseling only, verbal warning or written warning
  • Counseling / Warnings / Termination Process

    1. Complaint #1 = Counseling

    2. Complaint #2 = Counseling + Warning #1

    3. Complaint #3 = Counseling + Warning #2

    4. Complaint #4 = Counseling + Warning #3
    (inform CG that next step is Termination)

    5. Complaint # 5 = Termination

    Note that in some cases, HISC may terminate without warning, or with only ONE final warning.
  • 1. Let CG know in advance you are calling and to make time and if via video

    2. When you get the CG make sure this is a good time and that they are in a quiet, private area

    3. Thank them

    4. Make them feel safe and the goal of this is to review what happened and review industry and company policies so that going forward we are all following them as perfect as possible and then mention (i) you will share the facts as you understand them (ii) then allow them to comment and see if you missed things and then (iii) see if we can make sure things are handled differently immediately

    5. Repeat the facts as you understand them
  • / /
  • 3 Considerations before counseling to discuss with colleageues

    1. If an Incident Report EMF was filled out by CG, reference the facts stated by CG and even consider having CG fill out an Incident Report prior to counseling, use judgment

    2. Consider and discuss with colleagues if another KP should be present

    3. Consider and discuss with colleagues which is best method. Choices are either (i) phone (no recording), (ii) phone with recording (iii) in person or (iv) Google Meet/ Zoom video (without recording) (v) Google Meet/ Zoom video (with recording)
  • If you record this, please make sure to

    1. Enunciate the time, date
    2. Introduce the names of all the members of the call
    3. Clarify that it is being recorded and
    4. ask the CG to agree and be OK
    5. Wait until CG clearly agrees to be ok with that

    Do not proceed unless all 4
  • **** NOTE 3 THINGS ****

    1. DO NOT BREACH CONFIDENTIALITY - CG needs to be told that if this counseling session or any aspect of it gets back to the family and gets back to us, we will take that as a breach of confidentiality (the confidentiality that they are NOT to discuss this with Anyone).

    2. PROFESSIONALISM - maintain this and learn from this as a professional. We are here to support you, not to hurt you.

    3. ELDER ABUSE - Let them know that if they mention this to (i) the client (ii) a family member or (iii) another CG, we will feel that they are doing it to garner sympathy and this is even borderline elder abuse.
  • - Review the Facts
    - Review the Policy violated
    - Ask CG how they would handle it differently next time
    - Detail here in their words
    - Thank them for being open minded to that
  • Mention any details if needed