What Is a Mobility Equipment?
You may have heard a lot about mobility equipment and wonder what this is all about. Well, this is a device intentionally made to assist people who are having mobility impairment. These devices can be in various forms and many of them are being used by people who can't walk by themselves. Severe cases use scooters or wheelchairs especially when they need to travel at a longer distance which can be traveled normally on foot by a normal person. A mobility equipment is also found to be very useful by visually impaired individuals. It can be more than a white cane and can be in a form of a guide dog. Other equipment can help in the transfer or mobility within the house or in going to another level of the building. One example is the famous Arizona mobility equipment; the stair lift. You can click here to know more about it. A lot of helpful information is found here.
mobility equipment
The term "mobility aid" often refers to a low type of technology or mechanical devices. But the term can also refer to freedom of movement and are seen in government documents like the tax concessions.

Walking aids can also be any of the following:

• Assisted canes or walking sticks
• Walkers
• Crutches

With the use of these devices, the person with impaired mobility can have improved stability, lessened load to one's lower limb and generate movement. It helps improve stability since it adds point of contact for additional support. This also works by providing a wider range of stable center of gravity through its positioning. If the limbs are affected, the mobility device can also direct the load to the arms and the walking aid. Thus, it reduces lower impact as well as static forces to the lower extremities. These walking devices can also generate movement since it serves as a substitute to the spine, joints and muscles or even legs, thereby generating dynamic forces needed by the person to walk.

The stair lift on the other hand is a mechanical device that allows people or wheelchairs to be lifted through the stairs. This is very common not only in houses where there are elderlies who reside. This can also be found in bus stops that lift disabled passengers to the bus entrance while a wheelchair lift is specifically made to lift not only the person but also his wheelchair. It can be attached to a staircase or through floors.

Other mobility equipment can be a patient transfer device or sling lifts that transfer a patient to another bed. It can also be a lift or convertible chairs.
It is just a relief to know that there are devices intended to help people who can't move on their own. Hence, as you grow old, you need not fret about climbing the stair on your own since a stair lift can be installed to help you. It helps improve the quality of life not only of the elderlies but anyone who have mobility issues.
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