Apprentice Application - Fall 2024/2025
All applicants will be required to provide the following documents:

• Valid Driver’s License
• Social Security Card
• High School transcript, diploma, or GED certificate
• Current State Apprentice Electrician License (
• DD 214 (if veteran)
previous/present Employer
• Males must register with Selective Service (

*If you are a current IEC Dallas student - YOU DO NOT NEED TO REAPPLY!
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  • Emergency Contact

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  • Do you have a Disability?

  • Government/Military

  • If NO, please visit
  • Employment History

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  • Documents

  • Program Information

  • Physical Functions Essential to the Job – Applicant must:

    - Be able to bend, stoop, squat, crawl, climb, kneel, balance, push, pull, and reach overhead.
    - Be able to Lift and carry 51lbs
    - Be able to Engage in repetitive use of arms, hands, and fingers for the duration of the work day.
    - Be able to Maintain constant mobility on your feet for the duration of work hours.
    - Be able to Climb ladders of all types.
    - Perform overhead work for the duration of full-day assignments.
    - Be able to make transitions between parking areas and construction work areas, gaining access to all levels of the building, even if the only means
    is by O.S.H.A. approved site construction ladder or stairs still under construction but acceptable and safe.
    - Possess good vision (normal or corrected).
    - Possess good hearing (normal or corrected).
    - Possess ability to read and comprehend written instructions, including jobsite directions, maps, and instructional materials.
    - Take responsibility for securing tools and materials from storage areas to complete assigned tasks.
    - Read, comprehend, and communicate in English.

  • Standards of Apprenticeship

    This document is an overview of the standards for IEC Dallas Chapter under which we operate and administer the Apprenticeship Program. The program is registered with the Office of Apprenticeship, U.S. Department of Labor. Please copy and paste link to view the Standards of Apprenticeship
  • Employment with IEC Contractor Member

    To fulfill the requirement that an Apprentice work full time while attending school, IEC Dallas will arrange for you to interview with Contractor members regarding employment. Applicants for the Apprenticeship Program are to be provided no more than three (3) contractor members to interview. The applicant will not be eligible to enter the program until hired by an IEC Contractor Member.
  • Apprentice-Employer Relationship Commitment

    While employed by the Member Contractor, the Apprentice will abide by that Contractor's policies and instructions.

    The Apprentice is not to transfer from one Contractor to another. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCE will an apprentice seek a job with another Member Contractor while in the program. To do so is grounds for automatic termination from the program.
  • Signature of Applicant
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  • Payment Information