Work Experience Application
Questions? Please contact to contact the
Work Experience Coordinator for more information.

    For the satisfactory completion of all types of Work Experience Education, students may earn up to a total of 16 semester credit hours. Title 5, Section 55253.

    View the Work Experience Class List to determine the appropriate course to take based on your placement, hours, and certificate/degree requirements.
  • Credit is awarded based on 75 hours of paid work/internship or 60 hours of unpaid internship per unit the student is enrolled. View the Work Experience Student Handbook (Page 11) for minimum hours required per semester by unit.

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  • If Yes, please contact your College’s Work Experience Coordinator for additional steps and approval.
  • If Yes, please contact your College’s Work Experience Coordinator for additional steps and approval.

  • For this position do you:

  • Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
    Shift Hours (am/pm)

  • (if different than company address)
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    The following forms must be completed in order to submit a Work Experience Application and to receive approval to obtain an ADD code to enroll.
  • View the Online Work Experience Orientation and upload completed Work Experience Orientation Quiz.

    Online Work Experience Orientation

    Work Experience Orientation Quiz
  • Complete the Sexual Harassment Prevention Training and upload report as proof of completion (Part 1 only).

    Sexual Harassment Prevention Training
  • Immunization Verification - Only required of students interested in enrolling in co-requistes CHIL 270 (CRN # 94864) and CHIL 151 (CRN # 82921). These class sections must be taken together. Complete and upload the Child Development Vaccination Form as proof.

    Child Development Vaccination Form

    As a Work Experience student, I understand that my Instructor/Coordinator will be providing information about my work experience educational activities and enrollment to my Supervisor and my Supervisor will be providing information to my Instructor/Coordinator concerning my educational job-related objectives.
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