Withdrawal/Not Returning to LHU
Completing this form lets LHU know that you are cancelling your registration, withdrawing from the semester, transferring to a new college, or not returning to LHU.

Please read the questions carefully. Should you have any questions while completing this form, please contact Kenneth Hall, Director of the Center for Excellence and Inclusion at 570-484-2598 or khall@lockhaven.edu.
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  • This email will be used to confirm your submission and followup with any questions that arise.
    Please be sure to check your LHU email during this process.
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    (Please provide the date you last attended class.)
    This date will be used for financial aid and billing purposes. You will be responsible for all tuition and fees accrued during the semester. The current refund schedule can be found on our website at the following address: http://lockhaven.edu/cost/refundschedule.html
  • When students consider leaving college, we know there are several factors that can contribute to this decision.

  • Let's make sure we get everything cancelled.

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