2022-2023 COGS Conference Award Application
  • Please read and understand the Funding Guidelines, located on the cogs.msu.edu Conference Award funding website page, prior to applying for this award.

    Conference Awards are only provided to graduate students who are *presenting* research at an academic conference. If you are not presenting, please apply for a Professional Development Award.
  • Applicant Details

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  • ANR = Agriculture and Natural Resources
    BUS = Business
    CAL = Arts and Letters
    CAS = Communication Arts and Sciences
    CHM = Human Medicine
    CNS = Natural Science
    COM = Osteopathic Medicine
    CVM = Veterinary Medicine
    EDU = Education
    EGR = Engineering
    LAW = Law
    MUS = Music
    NRS = Nursing
    SOS = Social Science
  • (Applicants are only eligible for the COGS Conference Award once during their academic careers.)
  • (Applicants applying to both funding programs for a single event will be rejected.)
  • Conference Details

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  • Justification of Attendance and Letter of Recomendation

    Justification of Attendance: Please detail what you will be presenting at the conference and how this experience will allow you to develop as a scholar and academic professional.

    Letter of Recommendation: Please attach a letter of recommendation from your major professor or advisor. The letter should confirm that the applicant is presenting original research, and detail how the experience will enhance the applicant's development as a scholar.
  • **IMPORTANT** WORD DOC OR PDF PLEASE. (No screenshots please) If you are unable to submit a letter of recommendation at this time, please send the letter to Office@COGS.msu.edu prior to the application close date. Applications without a letter of recommendation will not be considered for funding.
  • Acceptance of Conditions for Funding:

  • 1. It is understood that the Applicant will, at his/her own expense, protect and hold harmless COGS, its officers, representatives, members, boards, employees, and agents from all claims, damages, costs, lawsuits and expenses, including but not limited to, all costs arising from administrative
    proceedings, court costs and attorney fees, that COGS may incur as a result of any act, omission, or negligence of the Applicant or any of its officers, members, employees, agents, subcontractors, or independent contractors which may arise out of this funding request.

  • 2. The liability of COGS, its officers, representatives, members, boards, employees and agents with regards to the funding of the Applicant for any claims, costs, damages, losses, and expenses for which COGS is or may be legally liable, whether arising in negligence or tort, contract, or otherwise, shall not exceed the amount of funding provided by COGS to the Applicant. In no event shall COGS, its officers, representatives, members, boards, employees, and agents be liable for any indirect, special, or consequential damages.

  • 3. The Applicant shall not transfer any right or interest in this Application without the prior written consent of COGS.

  • 4. The Applicant agrees to abide by all applicable federal, state, and local laws and ordinances, as well as all student rights and regulations set forth by Michigan State University.

  • I further understand that any falsification, misrepresentation, or omission of any information contained herein or failure to comply with any of the guidelines or conditions may result in the denial of this request or the forfeiture of part or all funding approved by COGS.
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