TOPP KIDS 2019 Summer Camp Application
  • Children must have completed kindergarten by July 1st 2019 going into Grade 1 and be maximum 12 years old to attend a TOPP KIDS Summer Camp.

    NOTE: Jr. Leader and Mentor programs are only available to children grade 3+
  • *** TOPP KIDS Summer Camp will be closed July 1st (Canada Day) August 5th (Heritage Day) and August 30th (TK Closure Day)

    Junior Leader Overnight Camp is only available to children who are a part of the Jr.Leader Program (Grade 3+)
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  • SUBSIDY: The Alberta Family and Social Services Day Care Subsidy is available to parents who need assistance to help cover the fees for day care. Forms for the subsidy are available at . Once a subsidy has been granted parents will receive a subsidy approval letter, a copy of which should be brought to the registration night. It is the parents responsibility to track and ensure their child reaches the minimum number of hours per month needed for a full subsidy payment as every families may be different.

    All families with subsidies must provide payment for the difference between the currently approved subsidy allowance and the cost of their fee for each month registered. Any remaining fees will be charged on the 3rd Monday the following month after subsidy amounts are forwarded back to the program. Parents are responsible for paying any remaining fees by the 3rd Friday of that month. Deposit Policy still applies.

    Please make sure that your subsidy status is changed to the correct TOPP KIDS Program ID -TOPP KIDS CHILD CARE CENTRE (253 Parkland Way SE) or TOPP KIDS CHILD CARE CENTRE (240 90th Avenue SE) as our camp is a variance of that program; failure to do so may result in non-payments from subsidy and full payment required to Summer Camp.
  • Please list any allergies, medications, behavioral issues, additional support needed and questions.

    If you would like to pre-order a junior leader hoodie, please indicate so here with quantity & size
  • This is an application for Summer Camp. If accepted to Summer Camp, full payment is due at time of registration (Monday, April 15th, 2019) with all signed consent forms.

    There are no refunds for missed days due to changed work or vacation schedules, sick days, or other non-emergency reasons.

    Changes can not be made to registrations after they are submitted.

    TOPP KIDS recognizes that extenuating circumstances exist. For cancellations due to medical illnesses or for any other compassionate reason, please apply in writing to the Main Office (no more than 14 days after the end of the Summer Camp) for a potential credit. (If medical, include documentation).

    This credit note can be used within your family towards any TOPP KIDS Summer Camp or Before & After School Registration/ fee. Please note that this credit note will expire 3 months (90 days) from date of issue.

    TOPP KIDS will be contacting all applicants no later than April 8th, 2019.

    The first month of enrollment in a TOPP KIDS program is an evaluation period. During this time program staff observe how a child is integrating into the program. They monitor the child’s behavior, compare observations, and communicate any concerns or difficulties observed with parents / guardians. Program Coordinators will make a recommendation to parents / guardians at the end of the evaluation period as to whether the program is suitable. Program Coordinators will recommend that the child continue with TOPP KIDS, if a Supportive Aide is needed (mandatory if requested by the Program Coordinator) or terminate care and suggest alternative / supportive program options within the community.

    TOPP KIDS is an Inclusive Care program who prides itself on Acceptance, Tolerance, and Empathy with all attendees including those with diverse needs. Many of the schools we service have specialized programs like the BRIDGES program that cater specifically to families with diverse needs. TOPP KIDS prides its self on the education and professionalism of our teams and we also have the ability to help families contract additional Supportive Aides to work one on one with their child in the program through an assessment process. Funding must be approved first by FSCD (Family Support for Children With Disabilities). All Supportive Aides would be additionally trained by TOPP KIDS so that our standards would be consistent throughout the program.