BIFT Membership Form
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  • If the 8 Payment option is picked you will be billed March thru October.
    An addition $100 will be invoiced for your Set-Up and Integration Fee.
  • Save 17% on the Yearly Plans.
    In addition there is no set-up fee for an annual membership.
  • Food Truck Stops are vet'd locations that wish to have Food Trucks for Lunch or Dinner services. We as food truck operators have evaluated the site and put marketing and promotions inplace to support your business. We develope location advocates that get the word out that you will be there! We uliize a combination of Banners, Posters and HD Screens to get the message out.
    This is program is limited to the amount of trucks we can activley book at our curtent locations. We are seeking and veting site regularly. As we develope more inventory of site location we will activate Trucks that are on the waiting list. If you are on the waiting list you do not pay for the serivce until you are acivated. In addition you only pay for the months your concept is active. We off this in an 8 month plan, March thru October. Or as a 12 month annual plan.
  • Inaddition to hosting your web site I also provide email services with 5 email address included in you annual package. Additional E-Mail Addresses can be added for $20 a year for 5 additional.
  • We will register and manage any new domains and help transfer existing domains over to our servers.
  • We will provide you with a completely stand alone version of your micro-site as the base. With any other addition you would like to add. Such as intergrated booking calander, catering and booking requst forms. As well as your FoodTruckIT real time location map!
    Annual BIFT Members get free annual site updates.