Opening Doors Award Nomination Form
It is the Girl Scout mission to recruit girls and adults who have not previously been Girl Scout members. Ths special award is given to volunteers who intentionally introduced Girl Scouting to an otherwise un-served or under-served area or group. All nominees must be currently registered adult Girl Scouts who have completed appropriate training . This award is presented at the Council’s recognition event.
  • Criteria for Opening Doors Award

    • Registered Girl Scout adult
    • Outstanding service over and above the expectations of the position held
    • Significant impact on recruiting and serving girls who are otherwise underrepresented
    • Actively recognize, understand, and practice the values of inclusive behavior

    ***If you prefer a paper form, please send your request to and one will be emailed to you.
  • Please include the nominee's name in the file title.
  • Nominee's Employer
  • Remember: Those who review the nominations may not know the nominee and/or the great accomplishments (s)he has given to Girl Scouts.
    This is your opportunity to let everyone know!
  • Please include the nominee's name and award in your file name.

    Nominations received after the annual deadline of February 4th at 6:08 will be held for the following year's recognition consideration.

    Thank you.