Central Ohio Carriage Driving Liability Form
Must be signed by every club member, participant, groom, guest and/or any person who rides with a driver on a carriage at any time. For club members, the terms and conditions herein apply to every event during your membership in Central Ohio Carriage Driving Club

I understand that neither the Central Ohio Carriage Driving Club ("Club"), its officers, directors, officials, organizers, members, volunteers, trainers, helpers, emplyees, servants, workers and/or agents, nor the property owners, accept any responsibility fo raccidents, dmage, injury or illness to me or any other persons or property in connection with any event, competition, show, schooling show, pleasure drive, clinic, horse riding activity, carriage riding activity or any other participation in any evert and/or activity by me whi8le on any premises used by the Club, or on the premises of a club member holding a club-related event.

I hereby expressly agree for myself and my principals, representatives, employees and agents that horse sports, including spectators, drivers and/or riders involves inherent dangerous risk of serious injury or death. "Inherent risk of an equine activity" means a danger or condition that is an integral part of an equine activity, including but not limited to any of the following: (a) The propensity of an equine to behave in ways that may result in injury, death, or loss to persons on or around the equine; (b) A collision with another equine, another animal, a person or an object. By participating, I do so voluntarily and expressly assume any and all risks of injury or loss and I agree to indemnify and hold the Club, its officers, directors, members, volunteers, employees and agents harmless for and against all claims including any injury or loss suffered during or in conjunction with an activity on these premises, any premises used by the Club, or any member's premises for a Club-related event, wheter or not such claim, injury or loss resulted either directly or indirectly from the negligent acts or omissions of the Club, its officers, directors, members, volunteers, trainers, helpers, employees, servants, workers, agents, officials and/or organizing committee. I further agree not to commence an action or suit in this or any other jurisdiction for any injuries or losses.

I have read this Liability Disclaimer and hereby acknowledge that I understand and agree to its terms and conditions as expressed herein, and will abide by such terms as set forth above.
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