Junior Mixed Match Recording
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  • Team Details

  • Player Details

    Enter Player Names.
  • Specific Match Details

    Singles and Doubles Combinations and Set Results must be entered.
    For example, for singles matches: enter 1 v 1, 6-5.
    For example, for doubles matches: enter 2&3 v 3&4, 5-6.
    See online tutorial for all possible match result types.
  • For example, enter 36-10
  • For example, enter 3-3
  • Comments regarding a complaint needs to be processed by your junior match secretary. This is not the place to enter this information.
  • Contact Information

    The match details will be automatically sent to the WRTA Recorder and the Visiting Team Contact Person via email when the [Submit] button is clicked.
  • If no email address is given, use wrtatennis@hotmail.com
  • If no email address is given, use wrtatennis@hotmail.com
  • Saving Your Results

    Before you submit the results, please check that the singles and doubles combinations have been entered correctly - especially if a 4th player has been used in a team.