2021 A.W.M.C. Virtual Residency (Out of State)
Welcome to the 14th Annual August Wilson Monologue Competition In-School (Virtual) Residency Registration. We are excited that you have chosen to apply for this virtual event, and we are hoping that it is educational, beneficial and motivational for your students. Each residency can be either a 3-day, 5-day or a 9-day residency. Once you have registered, you will be notified of the receipt of your application and any updates regarding the residency. An interview will be scheduled the second week in January and all decisions will be determined by January 15, 2021 Email will be our PRIMARY method of communication. If possible, be sure to add awmcatlanta@gmail, ntoombs@truecolorstheeatre.org and education@truecolorstheatre.org to your "safe" list and check your spam folder as well. Verify the input of your information to ensure that all submitted details are correct. This is extremely important in assisting us in contacting you with the next steps in this process. Note that the material/s and language used for/in this competition and residency is/are mature in nature.

Residency Dates: January 18, 2021- February 19, 2021

A.W.M.C. Registration:
A.W.M.C. (Virtual) Student Registration Start Date- December 15, 2020
A.W.M.C. (Virtual) Student Registration Closing Date- January 15, 2021

If you are unsure as to whether your information was submitted, contact ntoombs@truecolorstheatre.org
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  • Residency Specifics

    Due the the generous support of our donors/sponsors, True Colors' Education Department is able to offer a virtual in-school residency for teachers to both expose students to the works of August Wilson, and also support students participating in our 14 Annual August Wilson Monologue Competition. For a nominal fee, your students can participate in this year's residency. Our 3-day fee is $450.00, 5-day in $625.00 and our 9-day is $950.00. There is only one class per residency for up to 45 students( If there are a few more students, both the teacher and TCTC rep can further discuss potential exceptions.) Teachers must be present at all times and support in monitoring student behavior. All lessons are standards-driven and have corresponding assessments.
  • How did you hear about the residency?

  • We typically provide T-Shirts to our student participants and teachers. If you would like a t-shirt as a participating school, please include your size above.

    Prepare a 1-3 minute monologue of your choosing, from one of the ten plays in August Wilson’s Century Cycle. Your monologue must not exceed 3 minutes or be under 1 minute. You will be judged on the basis of preparedness, understanding of the text, emotional connection to the material, and commitment to the performance. Please note that there is mature language and themes found in most monologues. Please know that our teaching artists can support you in finding pieces that you(and your parent) are most comfortable with.

    Email is the primary method of communication for all applicants. Please be sure to check your spam folders and to add awmcatlanta@gmail.com and ntoombs@truecolorstheatre.org to your "safe" list. Information regarding workshops and parent-teacher orientations can be found on our website at truecolorstheatre.org.
    If you do not receive a confirmation email within the next 2 business days, please contact us via email. (Please do so after you have checked your spam.)

    If you have any other questions, please let us know!!