Precision Structures, Inc.
Job Application
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  • Employment History

    Starting with your most recent employer, provide the following information:
  • 2nd Employer History

    Fill in information, if applicable, on the job you had before your most recent employment:
  • Additional Employment History

    If you have any further employment history, fill it in here:
  • Skills and Qualifications:

  • Educational Background

    Starting with your most recent school attended, provide the following information:
  • College or Continued Education After High School

    If you have been to a college institution, trade school, vocational training service or something similar, please indicate it here.
  • Additional References

    Here we would like you to list any additional references of individuals who are NOT related to you and have NOT acted as a supervisor to you in your work history before.

    List Up To 3 Additional References in Each Paragraph Box: