Border Collie Trust GB Rehoming request form
Please complete the below with as much detail as possible. Please be aware that we are not able to collect dogs so you will need to be able to bring your dog to our centre in Staffordshire, if and when we are able to offer a place.
  • For collie crosses we do ask you to upload a photograph of your dog please
  • We always suggest that you speak to whoever you had the dog from and ask for their help in rehoming first. If you had the dog from a rescue they should be able to help faster than anyone else
  • PLEASE ENSURE THE MICROCHIP NUMBER IS INCLUDED BEFORE SUBMITTING THE FORM. WITHOUT A MICROCHIP NUMBER WE CANNOT CONSIDER REHOMING. In order to comply with the legal requirement regarding microchipping we have to insist that all dogs we admit are microchipped before admission and that the dog is registered in the name of the person requesting assistance, or they have written permission from the owner of the dog to rehome him/her.
  • Please mention anything relevant - chasing vehicles, causing damage if left etc but also aggression towards strangers and anyone else including members of the immediate family and other dogs/animals. Any issues not mentioned may result in admission being refused if we offer a place
  • The Trust relies on donations and fundraising to carry out the work we do in rescuing and rehoming Border Collies. Any donation that you can offer will be very gratefully accepted.
  • All the dogs we rescue and rehome are here at our centre in Staffordshire and therefore we ask owners needing assistance to bring their dogs to us so we can discuss the dogs history and temperament in some detail with you personally. Only in exceptional circumstances can we consider trying to arrange collection.