Publications "Permission To Use" Form
  • Submission for Publication Agreement
    1. SIDgraphics can use the artists images and text in books, magazines, ads.
    The Artist hereby grants and assigns to SIDgraphics, its successors, representatives, and assigns, the right to publish (i.e., print, publish, and sell) photogrphs and/or text submitted, in any language, in all forms, in the United States of America, its territories and dependencies, and in any other foreign country. If, at any time, a claim shall arise for infringement or unfair competition as to any of the rights which are the subject of this Agreement, the parties may proceed jointly or separately to prosecute an action based on such claims.
    2. The artist retains all rights
    All rights in the Work now existing or which may hereafter come into existence, including those hereby specifically granted to SIDgraphics are reserved to and by the Artist for Artist’s use
    3. Copyright
    Copyright of the completed publication shall be registered to SIDgraphics, and the proper copyright notice or notices necessary to protect copyright to and in any work shall be printed on the reverse side of the title page or in another appropriate place, in every copy thereof. The Publisher shall also have the right to effect any renewals of copyright provided by law.