Clark County Small Group Volunteering
Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Clark County Parks!

If you are seeking small group volunteer opportunities or if you wish to submit a small group project, you have come to the right place. Please review the EVENT GUIDELINES below.

In order to respect the Governor's “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” Phased Ordinance, and keep both volunteers and park users safe. All event proposals will be evaluated before they are approved for engagement or public recruitment.
Leaders will contact the volunteer program coordinator immediately if they feel sick or exhibit any signs of COVID19. Clark County will cancel their event and contact all participating volunteers ahead of the event.


1) Total group size to comply with state guidelines (phase 2 – no more than 5 participants), including volunteers, Clark County staff and staff of partner organizations. Small group projects should be kept under 2 hours. With pre-approval, projects may be scheduled over a 2-3-hour time-frame. This will only be considered if a lead is able to accommodate staggered volunteers and handle check-in/orientation at different times.

2) Events cannot encourage people to travel long distances.

3) Events should take place in locations that are open and accessible to the public.

4) Volunteer activities should not be held at crowded locations like popular trails, parks or beaches during peak times.

5) Volunteers should be able to stand at least 6 feet apart at all times. The event leader will remind participants to maintain social distancing at 15 minute check-in intervals.

6) ****Materials like pens, clipboards and tools should not be shared.

7) To avoid signing waivers on site; group registration will be available before your event and turned in electronically via DocuSign or scanned and email returned.

YOUTH 14-17 years of age will need to electronically submit a parental consent waiver prior to engaging in any activities.
These can all be found here:

8) If Clark County is helping facilitate volunteer engagement, event descriptions should not include an exact meeting location. This will help discourage drop-in participants who arrive without registering in advance. Clark County will work with the site leader to send detailed location information to volunteers after they register.

9) Volunteers and site leaders should participate knowing facilities like bathrooms, hand washing stations and fountains may not be available.

****Shareable items are discouraged! Providing shared tools (litter grabbers, shovels, etc.) should only be done if a site leader is able to conduct CDC recommended sanitizing and disinfecting procedures between use and provide a disclaimer both before and during the event that borrowing tools is at the volunteer’s discretion and risk.

If you have questions or concerns please contact:
Volunteer Program Coordinator
Dora Hernandez
Office: 360.397.1679
Cell: 360.624.8321
  • Check one or both.
    Volunteer independently/Join a project or group
    Lead a group/Submit a project
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  • Check each box below to confirm your understanding of the following:
    -Please arrive wearing a mask or face covering. Homemade masks are fine. Clark County staff must wear face coverings. County volunteers serve as an extension of county staff while engaged in service activities.
    - bring your own gloves, hand sanitizer, and tools – these will not be provided*
    - always wear gloves
    - abide by 6-foot physical distancing at all times between you and anyone outside of your household
    -listen in for site leader social distancing reminders or other call outs
    - stay home if you do not feel healthy or safe
    -at this time, snacks and water will not be provided